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BE the example of PLUR everyday . Facilitate Peace. Love without limits. Understand Unity. Respect all of humanity.

The Garden of EDM vision is simple: Provide fashion that empowers every raver to express themselves on and off the dance floor and grow a community united by Rave E.N.E.R.G.Y. (Experience, Nourishment, Responsibility, Gratitude, and YOU) and fueled by the principles of PLUR.

Pretty Lights Bodysuit Set - Garden Of EDM

Kickstart your festival fashion journey.

Bass. Base. Basics.

Designed with ravers in mind, this collection focuses on providing essential base items to build your perfect festival outfit. Whether it's a striking one-piece, a versatile two-piece, or a cohesive set, these foundational pieces serve as the canvas for your creativity. With the right base, you can effortlessly accessorize and enhance your look with beauty essentials, ensuring you stand out in the crowd with a style that's uniquely yours. Dive into "Bass. Base. Basics." and let the festival fun begin!

Retro Baby Skirt Set - Garden Of EDM

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