Angel Emily

Hey there! I'm Emily, a dedicated member of the rave community since 2019. My heart beats to the rhythm of Subtronics, LSDREAM, GRiZ, SISTO, Ganja White Night, and Mport—my absolute favorites in the dubstep and riddim realms. But, of course, I can't resist the magic of house beats either!

Picture this: I'm the girl rocking the comfiest booty shorts, fun pasties, and decked out in a kaleidoscope of kandi at every fest and rave. Zed's Dead at my first show was all it took to plunge me headfirst into the mesmerizing world of EDM. Now, I'm on a mission to spread PLUR not only within the EDM community but also into the real world.

What I adore most about this scene is the incredible, beautiful souls it brings together. Festivals and shows have become my stomping grounds for making lifelong friends, all connected by our shared love for EDM.

And speaking of kandi, it's not just a hobby for me—it's an art form. From cuffs to singles, perlers, and squishmallow bags with kandi straps, I pour my heart into creating pieces that embody the spirit of the EDM family.

As an ambassador for Garden of EDM, I'm thrilled to share my passion and energy with a community that resonates with the vibrant, inclusive essence of electronic dance music. Some of my favorite items from the store? The Electric Skies Skirt, Reflective Rainbow Jacket, Hooded Harness, and the Buckle Bliss Top—all absolute must-haves for fellow rave enthusiasts.

Let's continue spreading the love, the beats, and the unforgettable moments that make our EDM family truly special. Can't wait to connect with more like-minded souls and contribute to the magic that is Garden of EDM!