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Are you ready to be part of a revolution in the world of rave clothing? Our mission is simple: to empower ravers, just like you, with a platform that not only connects buyers and sellers but also ignites a movement of affordability, accessibility, and community.

Our WHY is Your WHY:

As a single mom who has felt the pinch of living paycheck to paycheck, I understand the struggle of finding affordable rave clothing. Ravers deserve vibrant, exciting fashion that doesn't break the bank. That's why we've created the Raver's Consignment Hub, a central haven where you can buy and sell pre-loved, unique, and affordable rave attire.

Join Our Hub and Unlock an Array of Benefits:

Affordability: Say goodbye to overpriced rave wear. As a buyer, you'll discover budget-friendly options to keep you looking fabulous at every event. 

Community: Connect with fellow ravers who share your passion for self-expression through fashion. Our platform is more than just buying and selling; it's a space to share your love for the culture.

Empowerment: As a seller, you'll have the power to list your items, set your prices, and reach an audience eager to embrace your style. And remember, our 5% fee helps cover shipping costs, making it easier for you to share your pieces.

Sustainability: Reduce fashion waste by giving your pre-loved rave clothing a new life. It's a win-win for you and the environment.

Convenience: We've streamlined the process, from registration to payment. Plus, our platform offers a user-friendly experience, so you can focus on the music, not the hassle.

Join us today, and let's make rave fashion accessible to all. Your next rave outfit is just a few clicks away!

Get started now and be part of the Raver's Consignment Hub revolution!

The Process

Step 1: Register as a Seller
Step 2: Fill out the Item Listing Form for EACH Item
Step 3: Your Item Will Be Posted Until Sold
Step 4: Notification of Sale and Packing Slip
Step 5: We'll Follow Delivery Tracking and Process Your Payout


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