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We are embarking on a new adventure in beginning in November 2021…

We are on a mission to introduce the world to the REAL EDM community and the meaning of PLUR.

The GO EDM Vlog, blog, and podcast are on the way!

We think the world, a lot of “family and friends”, and other communities have the wrong idea about festivals and the EDM community. They don’t see the hours of work ravers put in to pay for tickets, the engineers who design the stages and festival grounds, the planners that get everything down to the minute, the DJ’s who spend hours producing the perfect set, the performers, and all of the other moving parts that make festivals magical.

Festivals are our paradise. When we are there we imagine that is what heaven must be like; not to mention our names are Adam and Eve so we imagine festivals vibes were the same as in Eden.

This vlog will take us from EDC 2021 through EDC 2022 and end at the end of 2022. In the Spring of 2022 we will be moving into an RV full time and taking the year to explore the world of EDM and focusing on the festivals.We would like to interview and record podcast episodes with different ravers around the nation and maybe even internationally. (Are we dreaming too big here? We don’t think so!) We want to talk to the parents that rave, the ravers who just started, the ravers who have made it lifestyle, the artists of every kind, and everyone else that has felt welcomed when they see the sign that says, “All are welcome here”

We get a bad rap as ravers sometime and we believe that it is truly due to misunderstanding. This community is becoming more and more main stream. Our favorite festival Dj’s are household names and playing residencies on the Vegas Strip. More and more people are coming into this little world of ours and we should be the welcome party to show them the way. To keep the culture those who are new must understand and appreciate what they are coming into.

We love music and this community. Subscribe today so that you know when we launch and you can follow the journey from the beginning. Bite the Apple and join the adventures of the GO EDM team at festivals around the country and the local show the YOU recommend!

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